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Fruit Mix

Give a splash of colour to your life! Choose the Fresco Senso fruit mixes, with the first fruit of the season chosen for you and combined with exotic varieties. Thanks to the practical easy-to-open tray you can eat fruit salads where you prefer to give a touch of sweetness to your day. At the park, at the office, for a snack at school, for lunch, as an aperitif, for a snack, at the gym: at any time, in any place.

Product range

Canary melon, cantaloupe, watermelon 300/500 g
Coconut, strawberries 200 g
Banana, strawberries 150 g
Mango, melon 200 g
Summer fruit salad with wild berries 200 g
Autumn fruit salad with green apple, grapes, clementine, pomegranate 200 g
5 fruits fruit salad 200/500 g
Summer fruit salad with green apple, pineapple, orange melon, honeydew melon, nectarine 200/500 g
Autumn fruit salad with persimmon, pear, pineapple, red apple, grapes 200/500 g
Winter fruit salad with pear, pineapple, red apple, grapes, sliced orange 200/500 g

Shelf - life

7 days


Plastic tray



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