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Exotic Fruit

Think of a dream place in the tropics that you would like to visit at least once in a lifetime... Stop dreaming and taste the tropical line of Fresco Senso! Costa Rica, Ivory Coast, Brazil and Peru, these are just some of the dream destinations just a bite away. The exotic fruit of Fresco Senso is grown by local farmers with whom we have been collaborating for some time; they have gone through a rigorous selection to guarantee a safe, fresh and tasty product.

Mango, Papaya, Coconut, Lime and Pineapple: these are the protagonists ofthe exotic line of Fresco Senso, which are mixed in a wide range of combinations to make your reach the ecstasy of the senses.

Product range

coconut mango 200 g
sliced avocado with lime 150 g
grapes 200 g
coconut 100 g
pineapple and mango 200 g
diced mango 200 g
exotic fruit salad 200 g
diced avocado 150 g
sliced mango
with lime 180 g
sliced mango and papaya 180 g
prickly pears 300 g

Shelf - life

6 days


Plastic packaging



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