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Caco mela, uva, mela rossa, castagna

Energia e Gusto

Each season has its fruit and Fresco Senso knows it well. For this reason, the company offers you a mix of Energia e Gusto for each season, to stock up and face the change of seasons in the best way. Each Energia e Gusto mix contains seasonal fruit enriched with dried fruit, such as almonds, walnuts, pine nuts, raisins, dehydrated plums and goji berries.

Why wait for the change of season to drain you? Choose our Energia e Gusto fruit salads as a snack before going to the gym or for a rich and delicious breakfast.

Product range

Spring mix with nuts, black and white grapes, strawberries 200 g
Autumn mix with plums, red apple, raisins, pine nuts 200 g
Summer mix with almonds, nectarine melon, blackberries, blueberries 200 g
Winter mix with banana, dates, clementine 200 g
Autumn mix chestnuts, persimmon, grapes, red apple 200 g
Autumn mix chestnuts, pear, grapes, red apple 200 g

Shelf - life

6 days


Plastic packaging



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