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You are in Costa Rica. Imagine an immense expanse of pineapple plants. You are in the company of Josè, one of the local farmers with whom Fresco Senso collaborates every day and who follows the life of each pineapple plant step by step. From sowing to harvest, every day he checks the quality, the degree of ripeness, the size and sweetness. The pineapple gradually changes from an intense green to a warm orange with yellow tips. Until one day it is perfect to be collected. He tastes it. It has a nice smell. It is sweet just as it should be. He selects and collects all the ripe fruit. He packs them and takes them to the airport. And sends them to Italy. Fresco Senso is there to collect the pineapples. The company withdraws the pineapples, it checks them and tastes them. If the pineapples are suitable, they are washed, processed by hand, and sliced to meet various needs, packaged and presented in their best form.

The Fresco Senso pineapple is available in various formats to meet the most varied needs: whole piece of 550 g to provide you with the whole fruit but without you having to worry about peeling it, 400 g and 200 g slices for a ready-made refined dessert, half a slice and diced pineapple of 200, 300 and 500 g.

Product range

Whole piece 550 g
Slices 200 g
Slices 400 g
Diced pineapple 200 g
Diced pineapple 500 g
Half a slice 250 g

Shelf - life

7 days


Plastic packaging



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