Tecnologies and competencies

Fresco Senso produces fresh fruit salads, washed, cut and ready to eat, without preservatives or any heat treatment. We have specifically designed a production process to verify each single step to reach a high-quality product.

In detail we work:

  • Carefully selecting the raw material, favouring the most suitable varieties, the best Country of Origin according to the seasonality, the produce’s quality and organoleptic characteristics: the product’s aroma and taste must be the same as the fresh picked fruit.
  • Using specific peeling, cut and packaging technologies to support the qualified personnel during the production process.
  • Paying close attention to hygiene and cleanliness during all the steps of the transformation process and constantly monitoring the staff’s sanitation behaviour.
  • Using a sugary preserving juice with a physiologically acidic PH. This liquid creates an osmotic balance that, together with the low conservation temperature, guarantees the fruit’s best conservation.
  • Maintaining the cold chain, from the production to the customer.

Fresco Senso’s fruit process and package is done in the production plant insulated area of 4,000 m2, with automatic temperature control, which  ensures that temperatures are maintained during each step of the processing procedure. This allows to preserve the products' shelf-life, avoiding organoleptic and microbiological alterations of the raw material and the finished product.
The plant and all the equipment are sanitised on a daily basis and the execution of the quality controls throughout the manufacturing and packaging process guarantee full compliance with the production rules.
Every year our plant produces 20,000 tons of packaged fruit and veg: our production capacity is 160 tons per day.


Fresco Senso is certified according to the IFS FOOD Standard and according to Reg. CE 834/07 (Organic product) for the production and packaging of fresh fruit salads. Every year 1.000 checks are carried out on the raw materials, more than 10.000 along the production process and 3.000 analytical determinations on the finished products.

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