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Is the time you have for a healthy break always that of an elevator pitch? Don't give up! With the Snack line of Fresco Senso you are guaranteed with a pleasant break in record time and wherever you want. Pineapple chunks, pomegranate, exotic fruit salad, diced melon, diced coconut, apple and nectarine in segments: you name it.

Product range

Fruit salad bites 150 g
Coconut bites 120 g
Pomegranate 100 g
Exotic fruit salad 150 g
Melon bites 150 g
Pineapple bites 150 g
Apple + grapes 80 g - 100 g
Organic apple 80 g - 100 g
Nectarine 80 g
Golden apple 100 g
Red apple 80 g - 100 g
Pgi golden apple 100 g

Shelf - life

6/9 days


80 g - 100 g



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