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We like to add colour to the days of people operating in the world of catering: commercial, hotel, collective, naval catering. Nowadays, to offer ready-to-eat fresh fruit to the end customer, in catering supplies, has become precious.

The main aim of Fresco Senso for catering products is to provide a good, healthy, practical and easy-to-use product addressed to all those who prepare thousands of meals every day and need to do it quickly without having to compromise on quality.

Catering supplies are made up of customisable compositions, in order to provide the right and most competitive product to all types of catering needs and to the pastry industry. No waste of time, no scraps, no waste of product but only a fixed industrial cost of a catering product that is totally and fully consumed. The  same freshness, pleasure, quality and ease of single portions, only on a larger scale.

Extend your well-being to others! 

Product range

Fruit salad tray (without juice) 2 kg
Single fruit bucket (with juice) 3 kg - 2 kg
Fruit salad bucket (with juice) 3 kg
Fruit salad tray (without juice) 1 kg

Shelf - life

10/7 days


5 Kg/2,5 Kg
6 Kg/2,5 Kg
2 Kg/4 Kg


1/2 pcs

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