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Single fruit

Crave for a specific fruit? Would like to eat it in all preparations, anywhere and any time? Feel boring? No worries, we at Fresco Senso have thought of you too! In order to fully enhance the taste of your very favourite fruit and to give you a full sense of pleasure, we offer you seasonal single fruits.

The flavours change from season to season to offer you the same freshness and comfort you would have if you prepared the fruit salad yourself, but you save time and eat it wherever you want.

Product range

Strawberries 150 g
Melon 200 g
Melon trio cantaloupe, honeydew, canary melon 200 g
Nectarine 200 g
Grapes duo black, white 200 g
Pomegranate 100 g
Diced watermelon 300 g
Watermelon sticks 500 g
Baby watermelon in segments 500 g

Shelf - life

5/6 days


Plastic tray


4/5/6 pcs

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