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Aromi di Miele, ananas
Aromi di Miele, kiwi
Aromi di Miele, mela rossa
Aromi di Miele  Clementina

Aromi di Miele: a drop of pleasure

Let yourself go and be inebriated by the aromas and colours of the spices of the Middle Eastern souks where the pleasure of a glass of selected, ripe fruit is accompanied by the enveloping aroma of spiced honey. An experience suitable for foodies of natural and low-fat products, perfect for those who want to dare or for those who are gourmet addicted! Four exclusive seasonal fruit blends specifically designed to be enhanced and to intensify the sweet scent of acacia honey, which is naturally liquid, with delicate floral and vanilla notes combined boldly and harmoniously with three different spice mixes.

In the orange mix the perfect balance between the sour and aromatic taste of the clementine is combined to the sweetness of the persimmon and the papaya and enhanced by the acacia honey, which is expertly blended with ginger and cardamom: a balanced but slightly sharp mix that gives intensity to the experience.

In the red mix the refreshing aroma of the red apple is combined with the acidulous taste of the grapesand the wild flavour of the raspberry and blackberry enhanced by the warm notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves that enrich the acacia honey, for an enveloping and greedy encounter.

In the green mix the sour taste of the green apple is balanced by the sugar content of the kiwi and the refreshing freshness of the yellow melon, which is intensified by combining fennel seeds and star anise that increase the flavour of the acacia honey. Effervescence and refreshment are guaranteed! 

Finally, in the yellow mix the intense aromas of fruits from distant countries, like mango and pineapple, are released and enrich the pleasant aroma of the native golden apple, which is wrapped in a generous quantity of acacia honey, strengthened by the notes of ginger and cardamom. 

Product range

Green apple, kiwi, canary melon
Pineapple, mango, yellow apple 
Clementine, persimmon, papaya
Red apple, grape, raspberry, blackberry 

Shelf - life

7 days


130 g + 5 g honey


6 pcs

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