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Fresco Senso was born in 2009 as the development of the Agribologna Group’s productive and business-oriented nature in the fruit and vegetables branch.

Fresco Senso, since the very first moment, has shown its peculiar features: attention to the quality, to the service and to the customer, the constant research in product and process innovation to guarantee the product’s excellence and its cost-effectiveness.

Fresco Senso’s headquarters are located in San Pietro in Casale, close to Bologna, where in a completely refrigerated 4.000 sq. m. insulated plant produce is sanitized, cut and processed without using any preservative or thermic treatment, packaged and delivered to the retailers and caterings.



Fresco Senso means convenience, comfort and pleasure.
Fresco Senso is the natural, safe, fresh cut fruit and it is guaranteed by Agribologna.

The idea of Fresco Senso was born from the belief that ready-to-eat fresh fruit is more tempting and pleasant.

When it is already washed, peeled and cut, the consumption gets easier and convenient, increasing our and our family’s wellness.

We have put ourselves in dynamic mothers’ shoes that divide their time between children, work, gym, home and have no time to eat, in athletic types’ shoes who need a burst of energy, in who doesn’t give up guilty little pleasures’ shoes, in students who would like to have a little snack between lessons’ shoes and in students residing out of town’s shoes, who get rescued by Fresco Senso when the fridge is empty.

But also, in big kitchens’ shoes: we, Fresco Senso, prepare the fruit salads million people eat.
Just as if you would have prepared it with your own hands. But we make your life easier and assure you significant budget savings.

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